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3 Byou Go, Yajuu Season 1

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Brand Comic Media
Brand Uploads 8
Series Uploads 1
Release Date May 29, 2022
Upload Date July 21, 2022
Alternate Titles

3秒后,野兽。~坐在联谊会角落的他是个肉食系3 Seconds LaterHe Turned Into a Beast3 Byou GoYajuu. Goukon de Sumi ni Ita Kare wa Midara na Nikushoku Deshita3秒後野獣. ~合コンで隅にいた彼は淫らな肉食でした..


Tsumugi is a female college student who carries trauma from an aggressive man in her past. She meets Kaname at a mixer she requested specifically for unaggressive "herbivore"-type men. She and Kaname hit it off, and Kaname resembles Tsumugi's older brother a little bit, so she relaxes her guard around him. Kaname, however, feigns to be a "herbivore"-type man, but is in reality an aggressive "carnivore"-type man, and he can change his demeanor in an instant.

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