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Charm Point 1: Sister`s Rondo 1

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Brand Uploads 25
Series Uploads 1
Release Date November 29, 1999
Upload Date May 7, 2020
Alternate Titles

A Tail of Two SistersCharm Point 1 ~シスターズ輪舞~Charm Point 1: Sister`s RondoKitty Pleasure Pack #1 (2)姐妹物语

toysschool girlteachercreampieHDfacialbig boobsplotuncensoredblow job

Two sisters attend the same college, one as a teacher and one as a student. Both of them, however, date college boys the same age. The younger sister has a big problem, because her boyfriend never seems ready to satisfy her. Her older sister's trouble is just the opposite!

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