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Iinchou wa Saimin Appli o Shinjiteru 1

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Brand Bunnywalker
Brand Uploads 77
Series Uploads 1
Release Date September 1, 2022
Upload Date September 7, 2022
Alternate Titles

委員長は催眠アプリを信じてる.위원장은 최면 어플을 믿고 있다The Class Rep Believes in the Hypnosis AppIinchou wa Saimin Appli o Shinjiteru...

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One day, Kodera is ordered to confess his unrequited love to the chairman of the committee, Satsuki, by playing a hypnosis game using a hypnosis app. Her hypnosis was canceled just before she confessed, but Satsuki saw it and called Kodera to the physical education warehouse after school to show her the hypnosis app!

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