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Mori no Kuma-san Toumin-chuu Season 1

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Brand Comic Media
Brand Uploads 8
Series Uploads 1
Release Date September 11, 2022
Upload Date September 28, 2022
Alternate Titles

Mori no Kuma-sanToumin-chuu.森のくまさん冬眠中...

vanillayaoianalfantasyrimjobblow jobfacialcensoredplotcreampieHDhand job

Nowa is a bear who lives in the forest. He found a puppy named Airi a few years ago, and is now raising him. When Nowa goes into hibernation for the winter, Airi is still but a pup. But when Nowa wakes up from his hibernation, he finds Airi has grown into an adult dog.

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