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Onii-chan, Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite! 4

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Brand Mary Jane
Brand Uploads 127
Series Uploads 4
Release Date September 2, 2021
Upload Date September 15, 2021
Alternate Titles

Onii-chan Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite!お兄ちゃん朝までずっとギュッてして!Big BrotherKeep Hugging Me Tight Until Morning Comes!OniGyuOnii-chanAsa made Zutto Gyutte Shite!Onii-chanKeep Hugging Me Tight Until Morning Comes!오빠 아침까지 계속 꽉 안아줘!お兄ちゃん朝までずっとギュッてして!


Growing up I was a sickly child and due to this my parents designed an experiment to attempt to help me improve my immunity by hugging my sisters for extended periods each day. Today's hugging partner is the small and delicate Sumi!

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